Despite the high cost of a cyberattack, many organizations continue to ignore a major security vulnerability that can pose a serious threat to their data: their printers. Modern printers have evolved into powerful solutions that can have a tremendous impact on workflows by automating manual tasks. These smart devices are essentially networked computers that serve as file servers in many workplaces. Like any other networked device, your printers must be protected against unauthorized access to keep your sensitive data out of the wrong hands. However, printers are commonly overlooked when it comes to security. According to a survey by Spiceworks, 43 percent of companies ignore printers in their endpoint security approach.

While your office printer poses a security threat that should not be ignored, there’s no need to disconnect these venerable and valuable devices. Like any other risk, those presented by modern printers can be mitigated through awareness and diligence. Your printers can be secured through a number of security measures, such as firewalls, disk encryption, Secure Sockets Layers (SSLs), firmware updates, and regular patch management. Replacing older printers with newer models will also help protect your data, as these devices typically come equipped with embedded security features to help mitigate risks. Give us a call to make sure you’re covered and your system is protected.