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Fujitsu ScanSnap. Seamless & Simple.

ScanSnap Imaging Solutions provide superior performance, industry-leading image quality, and operational ease-of-use to ensure that the scanning of every project goes smoothly – so the most important part of a document is captured: the data.

Scan everything from receipts to forms; contracts to lesson plans; invoices to medical and legal documents. Seamlessly digitize your workflow and simplify your processes.

Super Smart Scanning

Adding one of the ScanSnap line of scanners to your desk or office makes it easy to stay organized, with less paper-shuffling.

  • Quickly and easily scan, digitize, and organize cards and documents —no need for IT
  • Eliminate manual processes prone to human error
  • Reduce paper processing and prep time

  • Produce exceptionally clean images—better than the original

  • Compress digital file size – eliminate paper storage space requirements

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