About Us

About R. L. Mark

Our slogan “The Hallmark of Excellence” provides the first glimpse into the corporate ethos that is R. L. Mark & Company Ltd. Every day we seek to exceed client expectations with innovative solutions and an unwavering long term commitment to our clients’ success. Integrity anchors our business philosophy and allows us to confidently offer unique “Performance Guarantees” that differentiate our company.

Who we are

R.L. Mark & Company Ltd is the premiere print and document management technology provider in Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean. Since opening in 1986, we have supplied our clients with the best in:

Consistent with our slogan “The Hallmark of Excellence,” we have been recognized and awarded on numerous occasions for our superior solutions inclusive of our outstanding sales and customer support programmes. In 1998, Ernst & Young selected our Chairman Richard L. Mark as the Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean Entrepreneur of the Year.

Our Company History

R. L. Mark & Company was founded in 1986. From a modest beginning, we rapidly grew our business and built our reputation. We distinguished ourselves by providing the following:

  • High-quality products
  • Outstanding technical service support
  • New and innovative sales, marketing and customer service programs
  • A clear and customized assessment of our clients needs

Over the years, R. L. Mark & Company has prospered and received numerous accolades. We were chosen “Global Leaders” by Mita (now known as Kyocera Document Solutions) on three occasions. In 1998, our CEO, Richard Mark, won Ernst & Young’s “Entrepreneur of the Year” for Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean.

Our company continues to be an industry leader today. We recently opened a Solution Centre in Wildey, St. Michael to help our clients discover new business strategies that enable them to better manage their documents, enhance their business workflows, increase productivity and reduce costs.

Our Mission and Culture

Corporate Culture

The corporate logo is an icon that illustrates and expresses the corporate soul and culture of the R.L. Mark Group of companies.
The logo is composed of four main elements:

The Dove

The Dove is the main symbol and represents the Holy Spirit descending and filling the space provided for Him in the centre of the individual and the corporate structure which R.L. Mark & Co. Ltd. is building. The tail of the dove is in the shape of a pointed tower representing upward growth, productivity, prosperity, and visibility. The equal space between the wings represents the importance of accurate balance between the spiritual and the natural. The flame-like appearance of the dove represents the Holy Spirit burning away the individual and corporate imperfections as we allow Him to do so.

The Diamond

The Diamond symbolises the object (R.L. Mark & Co. Ltd.) which the Dove has entered in order to shape and form it under pressure and heat, over time, to produce something of beauty, value, excellence and endurance. To become a sharp instrument that has the ability to cut through hard objects and resistance with precision & accuracy; it symbolises what the R.L. Mark Group is seeking to become by allowing the dove to enter, shape and form it.

The Slogan

The Slogan provides a further link with the past. However it is applied in a global manner around the diamond representing the companies‘ vision for global excellence and its ability to reach into the region and indeed the world impacting it with the excellence of who and what the R.L. Mark Group is.

The Name

The Name and the type style form a link with the past even as the company migrates toward the future.

Our Technology Partners

No company owes its success purely to its own efforts. Long-term success and profits are only possible through building and maintaining strong business relationships.

At R. L. Mark, we take pride in the connections we have built over the years. These relationships have allowed both our business and that of our customers to thrive. We gratefully acknowledge our technology partners, who enable us to supply businesses with the reliable, high-quality products they deserve.