KIP 660 Colour

KIP 660 Colour

2 Roll Color MFP with Top Stacking

The brilliantly compact KIP 660 multifunction system is the single solution for all your wide format imaging needs, saving up to 50% over current print costs, and even requires 25% less space. With excellent toner image quality, pinpoint accuracy and KIP’s exclusive Contact Control (CCT) Technology, the KIP 660 delivers reliability that surpasses expectations.

  •  6 D PPM
  •  Print/Copy/Scan with Color Scanner
  •  600 dpi x 2,400 dpi
  •  2 Roll


• KIP Contact Control Technology | Exact control of toner particles through every stage of image development

• Compact by Design | Fits in small spaces and more places

• Workplace Efficiency | 360 Prints per Hour | Integrated Color Scanner, Two Media Roll and Top/Front Stacking

• Extraordinary Productivity | Uninterrupted printing at rated engine speed regardless of file complexity or image coverage

• WorkflowOptimization |True Smart Tablet function with intuitive navigation and automation

• Precision Imaging | Pinpoint accuracy, vivid colors and true black printing

• Image Durability | Delivers waterproof, UV resistant, highlighter safe images that are resistant to heat, friction and repeated handling