Here are some ideas…

As Barbados celebrates it’s 53rd anniversary, we all take pleasure in representing the Blue, Yellow & Black. From individuals, departments to entire office spaces our national colours can be seen tastefully adorning our surroundings as national pride culminates to a yearly all time high during this period. How are you ‘reppin’ the flag? What are your plans to celebrate independence 2019? If you haven’t gotten around to it, or simply can’t think of what to do, here are some celebratory ideas that you can try at the office:


Assemble employees into décor teams with the task of transforming sections of the office into an easily recognizable national space. Give special mention for use of creativity and recyclable materials.

Traditional Dress Competition

Ask all your employees to come to the office adorned in their interpretation of traditional Bajan wear the week leading up to Independence Day and give prizes to the top 3 best traditional dress wearers.

Arrange A Special Guest

Invite a guest speaker, singer or spoken word artiste who can stimulate cultural ’vibes’ in the office. Make it interactive where some employees get to participate and share the stage and have some fun.

Watch A Local Movie

With the growing Barbadian film industry there are so many local movie offerings to choose from. Watching a movie with all the colleagues in the office is another idea to celebrate independence day. Choose any one of your favourite movies and watch it with all your colleagues.

Folksong & Dance Competition

Showcase the hidden talents of staff members and conduct singing and dance competitions which relate to our rich cultural history. These can be original songs by staff members or iconic kaisos and folksongs. These can be considered under independence game ideas for the office. Finally, hoist the national flag and conclude the independence celebrations by singing our national anthem.

Charity Drive

Organize an Independence Charity Drive or a notable cause that staff can be engaged in. Just send out notice well in advance and mobilize them to bring new or old clothes and items to donate.

Patriotic Speech Competition

Organize an Independence Day Speech Competition for employees. This can create excellent employee engagement and spread national pride throughout the office.

Drama Skits

Skits can be really entertaining, comical and informative. You can conduct an Independence or cultural Skit competition for employees. They can be divided into teams and given relevant national topics and current events to depict.

Patriotic Quiz

Independence Day Quiz is a very common way to check out the IQ’s and awareness of employees about all things Barbadiana. It can take the form of a popular TV game show. The person or team with the maximum number of right answers will be the champion.

Bajan Cook Up

You can organize a good ole Bajan Cook Up where employees show off their culinary skills and contribute various dishes and delicacies for an Independence lunch event at the office. You can make it interesting by adding a competition element to it.

Good Sport

Organize an independence staff tournament in a popular sport: Road Tennis, Dominoes, Football, Darts, or even Lego. This brings out the competitive spirit in the team and can make for lots of laughs and fun…and blackmail videos. Definitely helps the team to bond and shed their inhibitions.

Poster Making

Tap into the artistic creative side of individuals and have them lead teams to create a national Independence poster that will be displayed in the office or even be part of a competition.

These are just a few ideas to make Independence 2019 memorable at the office. Whatever you choose to do have a safe and enjoyable one from all of us here at R.L. Mark & Co. Ltd.